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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Stuff and Cowboy Butts

Don't even know where to begin with this post...my heart is racing, my eyes dilated, can't think straight and my knees are weak. I also think it's contagious! Don't worry, half of you are safe...it only affects the ladies and there is no cure. The affliction, cowboys!

I spent all day yesterday in the most amazing place...Grover, Co. Before you laugh, hear me out. Grover is a VERY small town (only .6 square miles), located in the middle of the Pawnee National Grasslands, has a population of 157, and the home of the "Biggest Little Rodeo In The West". Nearly 1000 people flock to Grover each year to attend this wonderful two day event, which is now in it's 88th year. This was my first time and I can tell you...it won't be my last.

Now, back to the meat and potatoes of this post, the cowboys. What is it about these guys that drives me (and many other women) so wild? Can't speak for all women but here are a few of my theories.

Number One: They are fearless. How many people will think "Huh, that bull or bucking bronco looks pretty pissed! I think I'll jump on it's back and ride it". They get tossed off, gored, kicked and have a 1000 lb. animal roll on top of them but still get up, dust themselves off and do it again!

Number Two: One of the most obvious. CHAPS! How can anyone deny the appeal of the cowboy's ensemble? Boots to make them look taller and give them a more commanding presence, chaps that nicely frame the cowboy's "assets", the hat that causes the cutest little curls to appear beneath the band and finally that big shiny buckle that might as well be a neon sign saying "Hey ladies, look here!". (blush)

Number Three: My favorite. The way they can spit, get in bar fights, tame wild beasts but still show respect to the older generation and the ladies. Something about a big tough guy calling me "mam" and diverting his stare that is very endearing, especially when you've just witnessed what he's capable of!

If you weren't infected before I'm afraid you are now! 

Enjoy the photos.

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