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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skinny Dippin'

"If somebody's looking at pictures of naked people and you go, "Oh I don't want to see that," you're lying. Cause naked people are always interesting. Always. Whether they're beautiful, or naked or 500 pounds." --- Andy Richter

OK, I promised lighthearted every once in a while...now you're going to get it! 

I usually start all my posts the same way.  I spend my weekend and days off exploring the area and taking photos of places and things that inspire me.  I come home, crop, edit and view my pictures and see what kind of emotions they invoke.  I love this picture (above) and the feeling I get from it, however, the feeling I get and the feeling you get can be something totally different. While you may see a a beautiful picture and imagine a quiet walk on it's banks.  I see a semi-remote place, a fresh warm breeze, chilly mountain water and an AWESOME place to skinny dip.  Just so you know, I didn't do it......yet.

I know what you all are thinking.  "Dang....didn't she just talk about rolling around naked in bluegrass a couple of posts ago?"  Yes I did.  I think this Facebook comment from a good friend will explain why.  (Any of you women out there in your 40's will understand)    

"It was time the old wild gal showed up. Life is short baby girl and they have always told us a "woman in her 40's is in the prime of her life"...so let's continue to test that theory!!!!" ---Thanks Alicia, I will!

This may not be my most articulate or thought provoking post (or maybe, for some of you, it is) but it has provoked me to put a lot more thought into that skinny dipping idea.  ; )  Carpe Diem!


  1. OMG...I agree, I am in the prime of my life and I need to venture out of my bedroom (as my son say's) and get a life. So I look to you, my sister for inspiration. So if skinny dippin' is the way to begin my new adventure, so be it.

  2. Now that I started talking about it....
    Can't wait to try it! Although, honestly, the place in the picture wouldn't be the best. Last time I was out there they had a group of Boy Scouts out clearing trails. Hell...I could care less but it might scar those young boys. :)