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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cowgirl Comes Alive

When I talked to Lewis the week before I told him about a cow carcass in the field behind my place.  He asked "does it still have the head on it?"  I said "yes".  He and I had the same thought...we wanted the skull for ranch decor.  I told him I thought it would  be cool on the fence post.
Lewis explained that he had gone to the person who's field he thought it was and asked if they would mind if he took it.  They said it wasn't their field but told him the people who own it are very old and let their son put cattle out there.  The son rarely comes out to check on them.  That carcass had been there over a year so Lewis decided it would be OK to go ahead and remove it.  He placed it on the fence post and said that would be the best place for it...at least until all the remaining hair etc. sloughed off. 
We chatted for a bit, he petted the dogs, and he parted saying "I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening." I finished unloading our provisions (basically...dinner to cook on the grill, bottled water, and something warm and comfortable to sleep in) and fired up the grill.  Ranch night dinners are always the same, grilled chicken for the dogs (yes they're spoiled), steak and a foil packet of fresh veggies for me, and an adult beverage to wash it all down.  Finally, what camp out would be complete without roasted marshmallows for desert.  Patch LOVES them!

After enjoying our delicious dinner (everything tastes better outdoors) we all relaxed outside, our tummys full, our minds clear, and a gentle breeze refreshing us.  Just waiting to enjoy the sunset...

Once the daylight was gone we headed inside.  The high last night was supposed to be 50 degrees so I packed accordingly.  Layered in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, pajama bottoms, and 2 pairs of socks, I crawled under the covers with my two fur babies to read by candlelight before finally succumbing to sleep.  The only time my sleep was, temporarily, disturbed was right before sunrise by coyotes howling in the distance.

As usual, Patch, was the first to rise.  He woke me in his usual manner...nuzzling me and licking my face...his way of saying "I'm hungry woman, get up and fix me some food, I'm withering away here!"  We all got up and headed outside for a walk...I didn't even change out of my pajamas...I LOVE that there's no one around to say "hey, what's with the lady walking around in her pajamas?"  As we walked I listened to the birds that drew me to this place.

It was still pretty cold out and I was not in the mood to build a fire, just to make coffee, so I loaded the car, said goodbye to Little House, and we headed for home.   It was still early when we started our trip home and I saw much more animal activity than I usually do during my midday visits.  I passed 3 mule deer grazing in one of the freshly tilled fields.  Two jackrabbits darted out of the field of sunflowers (love those ears!).  There was the lonely Pronghorn (pictured above) just past the sunflowers who kindly stood still while I stopped to take his picture.  While I was taking his picture 7 more ran across the road in front of my car and he followed, disappearing into the horizon.  I also counted 3 Redtail Hawks. 

Seems I'm not the only creature that loves it here.


  1. As always you have made me want to get away from it all. Thank you for the picture of peace. :)

  2. Was just thinking of you and thought I would check your site, glad to see you are doing well. When you get a chance, email me at brjj2005@gmail.com so we can catch up. Sounds like you are getting closer to the dream place everyday!