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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lessons From Pooh

"If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater."---Unknown

I find inspiration in some of the weirdest places.  Saw this posted on Facebook this morning and loved the quote.  I decided to Google "Winnie The Pooh Quotes".  These are some characters I can relate to. 
I think I've got a bit of all of them in me.  I'd say 60% caring friends Pooh and Piglet, 25% neurotic perfectionist Rabbit, 10% wise Owl, and 5% alternating between high strung Tigger and mopey Eeyore.

 I think the reason that post this morning caught my eye is because someone has been on my mind a lot lately and it reminded me of her...and the lessons we've learned.  Sara and I had a "Pooh & Piglet" relationship.  We were best friends and we learned a lot about what was important together.  Unfortunately, most of it was learned after she was diagnosed with cancer.  It's sad that it takes something tragic to slap you across the face and say "wake up...life's short...if someone is important to you tell them, and more importantly, show them".

Over the past 11 years, since Sara's diagnosis and passing, this showing and telling has become more second nature to me and seems to scare the hell out of some people!  Lol.  My intent is not to freak anyone out (although it is sometimes fun to watch...people panic so easily). My goal is to make sure that if I get hit by a bus tomorrow (hey it could happen...check out my track record) that person knows the impact they had on my life.  That's it!  Not because I expect anything in return, or to guilt anyone into saying something they don't mean, or doing something because they feel obligated.  I do it for me, so I won't have any regrets and I just hope it means something to them. 

I don't see how that can be a bad thing.

I know it's not easy for everyone (I'll let you practice on me, if you want *wink).  It took me years of practice just to tell my daughter "I love you" without fear of her rolling her eyes at me...but just because it isn't easy doesn't mean it's not worth it. 

Trust me, if any of us are lucky enough to be "the smallest thing that takes up the most room in someone's heart" it will be so worth it.

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