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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reality Check, What I Learned

"Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious.  But what I think is really obvious, obviously,  isn't  very obvious..."--- Michael Stipe

Well this is it!  The follow up to my Reality Check post.  I promised to tell you what I learned by giving up Facebook for one week.  I am...not sure

The first two days were hard, not because I missed it so much, it had just become a habit.  Every time I had a free minute I'd start to click that Facebook button on my phone or computer.  I didn't know what else to do with those little pockets of free time.  Standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for someone to reply to my text message, sitting in the laundromat while my comforter was drying...all times I would normally check in to see what I was missing...which is usually nothing!  

I had a really hard time writing this (that's why the post is several weeks late) because my feelings are mixed.  

One part of me missed the daily chit chat, funny and inspirational postings, and the "daily news".  I rarely watch TV so the news I get on Facebook and Yahoo are pretty much the extent of current events knowledge.  Not very reliable sources, but then again, what is?   I also missed seeing what I fondly refer to as the "corner of validation".  "Oooh, they 'like' what I said, OMG a 'comment', and finally (this one causes heart palpitations)...a PRIVATE MESSAGE." 

Another part of me, however, almost didn't want to sign back on when the week was over.  I even held out longer than I had to Saturday morning to contemplate "maybe I should go for another week" but I had seen (during on of my accidental sign-ons) that I had a private message.  It was more than I could resist.  I couldn't wait another week to see what it was and who it was from"Someone missed me and was telling me to never go away like that again" maybe????  There goes my imagination again...sadly "no".  I should have known better.  I had given an open invitation before I signed off for the week "if anyone would like to talk...here is my email address".  I got two emails...both from my aunt (Thank you Aunt Mary!).  I guess everyone else knew the Lure of Facebook would be too much for me and I would be back.  They could wait.  LOL.  ;)

One of the objectives of my experiment was to have actual face to face human interaction.  That part was pretty successful.  Had a couple of evenings out with friends and I wasn't on my phone the whole time.  Problem was, most of them were also Facebook friends so the conversation mostly revolved around Facebook and how I was handling my Facebook withdrawal symptoms.  Almost felt like I never left. 

Well, so now you know...and once again my idyllic picture of what life should be like is crushed.  ;)         I'm being overly dramatic, of course, but I really did hope someone would agree with me.                     Guess not...so I'm back...but not giving up.  New goal, try to MEET and HUG all my Facebook friends!  You are SO going to wish you never friended me!!!!  :)

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